Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yes Ma'am

Lee and I went to get our haircuts this weekend.

Ugh, as usual, I don't want to talk about the outcome, however, I made a huge discovery.

"I think Lisa should be my friend." I told Lee when we got home.
(Lisa being our hairdresser)

"She can be your friend. " Lee answered back, but was looking at me like I had four boobs.

*sigh* " I want her to be my friend because she says stuff like, 'Oh you are so funny' and then stops cutting hair, holds her chest and finishes laughing." I tried to explain. "I want her to be my friend, follow me around and tell me how funny I am. Everyone wants a friend who tells them how funny she is, or how pretty she is, or, 'Oh Kathleen, you look so skinny today, you should eat more chocolate today."

"You don't want a friend, you want a "yes man"

"Fine, when I get famous, I want a yes man to follow me around, or a yes woman, I'm not sexist, someone to wash my hair every morning like they do in the salon, and a wipes warmer in every bathroom." ( we have a wipe warmer for Isaac, and a little jealous to be frank)

"uh huh" Lee answered back. I knew he was now wondering about those four boobs I mentioned earlier.

Four boobs and a wipe warmer.

Yes Ma'am