Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh Crappy Day...

I'm giving up.
It's only 3:30, but I'm giving up.

I woke up this morning before Isaac did, so I ran downstairs to get an orange.
Well, I got red instead.

I stepped on a piece of glass in the kitchen.
I should have known then, stay in bed.

So, after I wobbled my way back upstairs, fed Isaac, and bathed him, we got dressed, and left the house.

I stopped at Walgreen to buy a bow. I wanted to go down
to the ocean and take some pictures of Isaac for our Christmas/ Hanukkah ( Hanu-mas) card. ( I know, I know, it's almost the middle of December, and I'm just thinking about this, wanna hear something even worse? I cheat on my taxes, now you really have something to scoff at.)
Ok, so anyway, as we were leaving walgreens, I took Isaac out of his stroller, bent down and put him in my clown car ( READ= 2 door Saturn, my parents didn't love me enough to buy me the other two doors). As I backed out of my car, I saw some shady looking guy standing being Isaac's stroller.
what's this howdy-doodie-mother-fella doing? I wondered.

"Oh. Sorry." he mumbled, and walked away.
Creep. I thought. But as I put Isaac's stroller in my trunk, I thought...I'm missing something. I felt, lighter....

We went to the beach, and turned right back around when it started raining.
I got home, unloaded the car, and realized why I felt like I was missing something.
I was.
My wallet.
That son of beesting took it.

I had it on the back of Isaac's stroller, and didn't even think about it.
I thought of all the things I had in there, that I might need....
"license, insurance card, Isaac's insurance card,my credit cards, my precious Neiman Marcus card, a coupon for free popcorn at Target..."
then I thought of all the things I want...
"A letter from my friend Kelly from high school, a letter about my real mom, pictures, a coupon for free popcorn at Target."

I had enough.
I started to cry, Isaac started to cry...It was a disaster
I did what any grown woman would do.
I sat on the floor and ate some cheese while singing "This little piggy to Isaac"
Don't laugh, it was good cheese.

So I called Lee, told him, called my mom, whined to her, called my credit card company, told them, and then called Neiman Marcus and met the biggest bitch I have ever talked to, maybe.

"Neiman Marcus credit options, how may I help you?"
"Hi, I um, well, I had my wallet stolen this morning, so I want to close my card, but I haven't used it since March, and my balance is at zero, so I'm not sure if it's even still open, can you check?"

Now, I know this was a lot to handle, but I assumed she could do it. I assumed wrong.
"What?" She asked brilliantly.
I explained it to her again, she typed away and said this.
"You live in Florida."
"We have a Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton."
".....I know, do I have to go there to do this?"
"No, I was just telling you. Why is your credit line at zero? Do you not want to shop with us for a certain reason?"
As on cue, Isaac started to cry.
"haha, hear that? That's my reason"
"So you just have your card for show?"
"Excuse me?"
Was she calling me a credit fraud?
"You really don't use your card."
"NO, I use it plenty, too much, even. I just haven't used it since March, because I haven't worked since then."
"I'm just going to close your card. I doubt they'll send you another since you chose not to shop with us anymore."
"NO I....You know what? Fine, what's your name?"
"Thank you for calling Neiman Marcus, have a Happy Holiday.

Oh I sure will, I'm just not sure about Isaac.....