Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crappity Crap Crap

Remember that horrible drug problem I had with Meth?

Yeah. Neither do I.
But Walmart apparently does.

Lee buys Claritin-D 24 each month from BJ's ( costco, sams... a bulk store). This week, we went in for the monthly drug run and they were out.

I told him I would pick it up from Walmart after the gym today.

So....after said gym trip, I walked into Walmart ( actually, I kind of slinked into Walmart, I kicked my own ass at the gym today) I went up to the pharmacy counter, and asked for a box of Claritin-D

I realize they are behind the counter now because of the horrible Meth addiction sweeping the nation. I live in a quiet little country town, which is apparently the best place to cook Meth. It's a horrible drug and an even worse lifestyle.

Lee and I are addicted ( no pun intended) to the A&E show, Intervention. Almost every week, they show a person addicted to Meth, and showcase their story.

So, I don't mind getting drugs behind the counter, I'm in no hurry. If it's going to save some 16 year old kid from blowing his own hand off in a Meth lab, I'm all for it. I do it for the kids really.
Part of this behind the counter thing, is that you have to give your liscense as well. So I handed it over ( I'm kind of proud of this one, the picture isn't too shabby) and she typed away my information ( with one finger, letter-by-letter) ( I mean L-E-T-T-E-R-B-Y-L-E-T-T-E-R) (ok, now I'm in a hurry)

She filled it all out, looked at me and said, "You've exceeded your limit of pseudoephedrine this month."

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked

" You can't buy Claritin until the end of the month. According to government regulations, you are only allowed a certain amount a month, and you're over it."

I racked my brain, I never buy Claritin, Lee always pays at the store. And a month ago, when we were sick...Lee went to Walgreens to buy Dayquil...What was she talking about?

"OK....thanks?" I walked away and called Lee. I don't think I have even bought Claritin in my life, seriously.

And then I remembered.

My wallet was stolen in December, right before we moved.

Could that be it? Is someone using my identity to buy drugs? So thats it, I have no end of this entry, I'm asking you, who do I call to find out?Because this is my luck, that something will go wrong, and Iwill have to pay for it.

What do I do????