Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today I've learned

Today I've learned...

that when you wake up before your son does, he'll sleep until 10 o'clock in the morning. Just to spite you.

that when you leave chicken out on the counter overnight, instead of putting it back in the freezer like you planned, it thaws and leaves a red tinted liquid all over your counter (that is just....a joy to clean up)

that when he lays down on the floor and sucks in, he can creep underneath the sofa in the five seconds that you're not looking.

that I can make the UPS man stutter when I open the door while he's picking his nose.

that our gardeners smoke pot in my backyard on their lunchbreak.

that when I'm outside on the grass, finishing a painting, the spriklers are just bound to come on.

that Isaac likes to eat doodle bugs.

that organic soy chocolate milk is pretty damn close to heavan, however, the white milk...tastes like melted crayons.

that my grumpy old neighbor scratched his balls while he thinks no one's looking. (haha! take that old man)

that Isaac can fit 10 toes and a couple of fingers in his mouth.

that TomKat had a TomKitten, and yet...I still don't care.

that someone sold my information to telemarketers, and I'm now getting calls on my cellphone. ( and they learned what a complete bitch I can be)

that procrastinating while writing my final writing assignment for class will lead me to write a journal entry