Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ya'll come back now ya hear?

Last weekend, we were sitting with Lee's grandmother and her friends. They were telling us about Lee's grandpa when he was in the Army. His old friend, who was also in the army, was trying to explain to us why their group was so tight. "We were all from New York, its different, I don't really get along with other people, especially not these damn southerners."And then his wife pipes up and says," Ya'll"( in a mocking tone) I mean, that just sounds so stupid!"

Lee and his parents both looked at me with knowing grins. I just sat there and bit my lip because this was not the time nor the event to get sassy.

But I like being from the south, I don't know what she was talking about.

We have a different outlook on life.

We always know the weather, hot, humid and more hot

We write thank you notes,

we never wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day,

We glisten, never sweat,

We always know people's names (Honey, Darlin' & Sugah)

I'd eat grits and bacon everyday if I could,

Our religion in Football

We know the real joy of summer is wide brimmed hats and strapless dresses,

It's either fried, hunted, buttered or breaded,

We wouldn't be caught dead with bad hair or bad manners, but you may catch us with a bad boy from time to time,

We drink Coke and sweet tea, and eat dressed sandwiches,

We keep our enemies charmed, and our friends are our family.

While there are some days when I think I am the only democrat down here, I wouldn't give it up if youpaid me. So they can take their comments and "shove 'em where the sun don't shine!"

Bless their hearts